Rainy day reflections

Sitting in my living room with no voice after a week of festivities.  It’s a rainy day with more on the way.

The builders next door, with their loud rock music blaring from the radio, don’t seem to realise that rainy days are for doonas, coffee, hot soup and watching Season 2 of House of Cards.

Who doesn’t love a dose of Machiavelli?

Actually, come to think of it, me………

Machiavelli was a man of many dimensions; an Italian historian, politician, diplomat, philosopher and writer. He was in fact a true Renaissance man and importantly, one of the founders of modern political science. His most renown piece is The Prince, based on the machinations of the Medici family in the 1500s.

Machiavellianism, is a term used negatively to describe unscrupulous politicians as drawn by the man himself in The Prince and is usually associated with deviousness, ambition, cruelty and deceit.

A little unfair really when you consider poor old Niccolo was an artist, writer, intellectual and humanist whose primary fault was a slightly unhealthy obsession with politics!

Have you seen Machiavellian behaviours in action?  There are many who seem to think that to get ahead requires a life lived on tactics and strategy.  Politics becomes their chief modus operandi and they apply this to all facets of their lives.

Acknowledgement of “politics” is important.  It’s a very useful skill knowing when they are at play so that you can navigate your way through them.

You will never convince me that living your whole life based on politics is good for the soul.

Not sure that Francis Underwood would agree of course.


3 thoughts on “Rainy day reflections

  1. Wonderful to be privy to you musings, Kylie. When I think of people letting ‘politics’ direct their thoughts, language and life… I remember a much younger Billy Connelly being frustrated by the then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. In classic Billy Style, he colourfully described wanting to wander up to Mrs. Thatcher yelling “Use your f***ing brain!” and slap her soundly! Enjoy your rainy day!

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  2. Rainy days are always good for reflecting. It might be something to do with the need to stay indoors, in our own place, that returns us to some quiet space. It’s lovely to see this rainy day has seen the start of your blog Kylie!
    Oh yes, politics will always run second to love.

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