Good Vibrations

I read recently that the Earth has a hum.

Despite the hum being apparently inaudible to human ears, there have been cases of people who report noticing it, such as in the south of England in the 1990s. Now, researchers at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France claim that this hum is produced by seismic activity from long ocean waves on the seabed (reported in the Huffington Post on 16 April 2015).

Whilst undoubtedly an amazing discovery, it doesn’t feel like shattering news to me as this is something I long suspected. To see it reported as fact, cited in a scientific paper was rather validating.

You know the feeling I’m sure. You’re sitting in your favourite spot – it might be in the forest, at the beach, on a mountain, in a special chair – and your breathing falls into a rhythm that seems in tune with the rest of the world around you.

Today I had an experience that reminded me of that story on the Earth’s hum in a most unexpected way.

I attended a wonderful seminar held by The Wake Up Project ( which was a mind awakening event with some wonderful women speakers. The Wake Up Project is dedicated to expanding the world’s consciousness and enabling random acts of kindness. Their philosophy is founded on a desire to create a kinder and more peaceful world and is a wonderful resource that I’ve just discovered and will be using in the future.

This fabulous group of 400 women (and 4 brave men) participated in a special day which opened with a talk from Seane Corn, a world renowned yoga teacher and humanitarian. Seane took the group through a collective breathing session at the close of her talk. And this is where the magic happened. There we were; 404 souls all breathing in unison, elevating ourselves into a more conscious state, sealing the deal with a resounding and unified ‘ohm’ at the end.

It feels like people today are more disengaged and out of touch with themselves and the world around them.  Whether it’s at work or at home, the busyness of life creates a sense of disconnection and the feeling of being overwhelmed in all aspects of life can be omnipresent.

The challenge is to find that level of connection and oneness in the midst of the chaos without necessarily running away to that peaceful place. I was blessed to find that today in a most surprising way, even through the veil of blocked sinuses!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all take that collective breath together and bring a higher level of vibration to the world from above the seabed?


One thought on “Good Vibrations

  1. What a wonderful experience Kylie.

    A collection of people with a clear intention can create an amazing space filled with a feeling of oneness that soothes the soul. It’s powerful and it does make you wonder what might happen if we all hummed together.

    A lovely read, thanks 🙂


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