Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

In the 1990s I read a book called “The Celestine Prophecy”. If you’ve read this book and love it, forgive me when I say it was all a bit naff. The story tells of the spiritual journey one man takes to discover the 9 fictional, “Mystical Insights” as described in an ancient Mayan text. It’s essentially a voyage of discovery to discover enlightenment which relies on coincidences that reinforce the synchronicity of life. As I read the story, the level of implausibility rose to dizzying heights culminating with the protagonist vibrating to such a level that he basically disappeared, presumably to the next level of spirituality.


These past few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on coincidences and the synchronous nature of life.

When you have made a huge decision as I have done recently (you know the type I mean; the life changing, course altering, in capital letters “BIG DECISION”), did you notice that there was suddenly a lovely synchronicity present in your life? The odd moment where you felt at one with the Earth’s vibration? A lovely reminder from the Universe that you were on the right path and everything was going to be OK?

There is something about the human condition that encourages us to look for signs.  Herewith the following example; the number 6 seems to have a recurring presence in my life. Right from my birth this number has appeared to be influential in many different forms. A hypothesis was born. To test my theory, I worked out the pattern of my life, measuring it in 6 year blocks (yes I know, sometimes I do have way too much time on my hands).  Lo and behold, there were significant events in my life every six years.

Problem was that there were significant events during lots of other periods too.

Universe 1: Hypothesis nil.

Rather than admit defeat, a new hypothesis has taken hold of me.

Why do we seem hell-bent on finding patterns to life? Is this because they make it easier for our brain to exert its influence to prevent us from trusting our heart?  Our brain tries to apply logic to something for which there is none by trying to make sense of what our heart innately feels.

The heart is random and chaotic and wild and uncontrolled. It has depth and power and passion and energy. When the heart is unfettered, life is indeed fulfilling.

So I’ve decided to stop looking for patterns and signs and live the chaotic life. I’m not really sure what that looks like or how that is going to go but I would never be satisfied if I didn’t give it a red hot try.

If I’m not back in a few years, send out a search party.


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