This old love

There is a special privilege seeing old love in action.

A few years ago, a great friend of mine introduced me to a gorgeous song by Christy Moore. It’s called “The Voyage” and if you really need a good cry, just Google the lyrics. As an aside, when did “to google” become a verb – hmmm there’s another blog topic!

I digress………

Reprinted here, without permission, is the chorus:

“Life is an ocean and love is a boat
In troubled water that keeps us afloat
When we started the voyage, there was just me and you
Now gathered round us, we have our own crew

Yes young love is passionate and exciting. It stirs all sorts of longings and emotions and the roller coaster ride you step into can make life seem terribly interesting. One minute you’re alive and full of promise, the next you could be in the depths of despair. Much like Melbourne’s weather, it keeps you constantly on the hop.

This is not a treatise against young love – far from it. If it’s real love, after that initial star-burst, it settles into a comfortable pattern that, when treated with the respect it deserves, is like putting on your ugg boots at the first sign of cold weather.

There are some who may never know what this feels like and this makes me rather sad. Some people get hooked on the roller coaster and are forever seeking new thrills; higher climbs, greater dives, multiple twists and turns. Anything to keep the ride exciting.

Old love; enduring love; the love that has weathered years of the roller coaster but still gets up in the morning to make a cup of tea – oh now that is something to behold! When you see old love in action, the world seems just a little brighter and kinder.

In the business world, we speak a lot about creating organisations that are resilient and sustainable. Organisations spend thousands of their human resources dollars on trying to create better workplaces.

For my money, all they need is a few hours in an aged care home to learn about resilience.

Sit a while with someone whose partner of 60+ years is unwell and they will know all there is to know about endurance.

Listen to the stories of someone who has lived through a couple of lifetimes with their soul companion by their side and they will understand sustainability.

In this easy come, easy go world, there is nothing more inspiring than this.



3 thoughts on “This old love

  1. So true. Old love is an inspiration. Interesting that the song you mentioned is an old Irish folk song & was our wedding/first dance as a married couple song 😉

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