It’s only words….

I love words.  In many respects this blog is borne from that love.

I love the way they can evoke emotion, stir the heart, draw on long held memories.

Words have power to hurt and heal; provoke anger and soothe souls; encourage debate and silence progress.

I’d love to ask Joe Hockey about the way words can influence right about now!

In the same way I love to write, I also love to read.

I’m not particularly fussy about what I read, although I did draw the line at Fifty Shades of Grey.  I really couldn’t see the point of these books.  Not only were they turgid and tawdry affairs at best, the writing was so appalling it was unbearable reading more than a few pages.

Hmmmmm, perhaps I AM a little fussy.

I read fiction, fiction based on fact, non-fiction, autobiographies and science based books.  I even read trash magazines because one never knows when you may be required to answer a question on a Kardashian.  I remain a little more relevant to my children and their friends if I pick up the occasional Who magazine. These days of course, I can pick up just about everything I need whilst waiting in line at the supermarket!

I have stopped reading newspapers though.  The tainted lens through which they paint the world only serves to remind me of the power that words can have when they are prepared with a hidden agenda.

Through this practice of reading, I have devoured words and in recent years, I have developed the habit of pouncing on a new word every few days and letting it roll around in my head for a while and seeing what thoughts and feelings come from this. I sit back and repeat it a few times and see what pops into my head. There have been some fantastic moments of late when words have popped up for me just at the right time.

A great word, and a long-time favourite of mine, is serendipitous.  For me, the musicality of this word allows it to simply roll off the tongue in a delicious manner.

Serendipitous – the act of finding something interesting or valuable by chance.  The serendipity of life constantly surprises and delights me. I have written before about being on the right path and the presence of a certain synchronicity in life as you trod that road less traveled. Lately, there have been some lovely serendipitous moments that reinforce this.

Another word that appeals to me is adaptation – the process of changing to suit different conditions.

I’m reading a fabulous book at the moment called Brain Rules by John Medina.  I’ve only just started reading it however it promises to be an interesting read.  Medina is a molecular biologist and in the book he shares his research on how the brain works; the rules it operates under if you will.  The book outlines, in a simple and humorous way, what the neurosciences have known for years about how our brains work and with this insight, there are ideas on how we can use these rules to transform (adapt) our lives.

The art of transformation and change is a constant theme in my life and I suspect in many others.  With adaptation, human beings survive. More than this, they can start to thrive!

Doesn’t that sound delicious?


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