To the Ladies Marmalade!

As I prepare to leave luscious Lucca for the delights of Siena, I find myself reflecting again on the joys of meeting new people along the way.  This time around I have had the experience of meeting a couple of women from diverse backgrounds who are on a spiritual voyage of discovery not unlike the one I’ve been on these last few years and continue to enjoy.

In our brief encounters, I have learnt that they are strong, wise, beautiful souls who are making a difference to the world by making a difference in their own lives. I spent time with both of them on separate occasions and learned, albeit briefly, that we three had shared the experience of leaving behind that which we know and felt sure about and embarking on a path that is less well worn.

In every sense, we were soul sisters.

Now my fervent hope is that with the title of this post and that last comment, you now have that song in your head as I have done for most of the day.

The quick exchange I had this morning with a fellow traveller on life’s tradewinds sustained me throughout a long and rather frustrating journey north to find a beach near Lucca for a swim.  As an aside, European beaches are lovely, however I can’t help feeling a little smug that we are able to swim at our own lovely beaches in Australia for free and not with the 50 euros price tag.

The glorious women I have spent time with these last few days have made powerful, brave decisions and in coming to these points in their lives, have set themselves free to be the very best versions of themselves. These decisions can provide for some terrifying moments and there are some who view them as self-indulgent at best and downright irresponsible at worst.

Yet truly, this is where the magic begins; there is an increasing level of sureness that the path you’re on is the right one and this feeling really settles into your bones. Any lingering nervousness dissipates, melting away like a gelato under the Tuscan sun and you find that you are smiling for no other reason than being grateful for being alive and in this moment.

There is inspiration to be found in making connections with like-minded souls and questions to ask yourself which may not have occurred to you until that moment. They are not necessarily the soul searching types of questions either.  It may be as simple as “why did I pick that Osteria when there was another one close by that offered much better value for money?”

Or it could be one of those earth-shattering, life-altering questions like “what on earth am I going to be when I grow up this time around?”

Better still, it could be this question that for me, still resonates today – “why grow up at all?”  Sometimes adulthood is overrated.

Keep singing soul sisters!

Know that your voices are heard in the most unlikely places.

Know that by being yourselves you are inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves.

Know that others are sailing into the great unknown with you!



One thought on “To the Ladies Marmalade!

  1. That was a lovely piece Kylie, lovely to read. I am writing because I wanted to wish you all the very best in your travels and in the future and I will look forward to hearing all about your discoveries along the way.
    Thank you again for your lovely company tonight, even though you must have been exhausted.
    Alla prossima allora,
    Catherine xo

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