One Perfect Day

As the adventure continues, there have been the inevitable highs and lows of travelling for an extended period in a foreign country that has resulted in a few forgettable days.

Waiting on a dirty train station after a full day of seeing the sights in Firenze, dirt and sweat embedded in your pores, could possibly classify as one of those forgettable moments.  Although in saying that, it is certainly easier and infinitely more pleasurable to remember the afternoon sun glinting off the spectacular duomo roof than the gritty eyes and smelly t-shirt!

Likewise, a day on the water off the coast of Puglia, wind in your face, azure blue sea surrounding you and crisp, clear waters to swim in, certainly constitutes a perfect day for me. There is nothing I like more than feeling the sun warm my skin, kissing it into the gentle golden glow that only the Mediterranean version of it can do and to taste the salt as it dries on my face and in my hair.

Floating in that deep blue sea gave me a perfect sense of peace and it was with a twinge of regret that I stepped off the boat and back onto dry land.

Not so my travelling companion, whose face as she plunged into that cool sea was a mixture of shock and disbelief, prompting her to exclaim “I’m never listening to you again!!”  Oops – my perfect day isn’t necessarily someone else’s…..

This has prompted me to reflect on what constitutes a perfect moment, knowing full well that this will be different for each one of us.  What are the qualities in that perfect moment that make it so memorable?

Is it spending time at one with nature, floating in a perfect sea, that creates a sense of peace and contentment?  Is it spending time with your family, holding them in your hearts as much as you can, that makes one wish that the moment would never end?  Is it spending time with friends, laughing and listening to music, that provides the soul with enrichment?

Today, my idea of a perfect day is to sit quietly, overlooking the ocean, putting words into this blog and allowing myself to be still, alone with my thoughts.  This is completely different to a few days ago, swimming with newly made friends on our cruise.

So the trick I feel, dear readers, is to tap into yourself and read what it is that you need in that very moment to create your perfect day. Allow yourself the luxury every morning to lie still in bed for a few moments before the activities of the day kick in and really listen to what your heart is telling you that you need today.  Even on work days, when routine kicks in and the list must be achieved, you can take those few precious moments to tune in and listen.

Who knows – perhaps by doing that simple act, every day can be a perfect one!



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