About Artemis Living

Welcome to Artemis Living.

I started this blog for many reasons.  I am someone who has kept a journal for most of her adult life (goodness knows what my children will think if they find them when I’m gone).  There always seemed to be so many words to send out there.

Perhaps people will read them.  For some, the words may resonate with them. Others may think it self indulgent.

Acceptance is not really an issue.  I write this purely for the pleasure of a well constructed turn of phrase.

Why Artemis?

That wonderful source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, describes Artemis as one of the most venerated of Greek deities and is variously referred to as goddess of the hunt, childbirth, protector of young women and deliverer of health and well being to women. As a committed feminist (in the pure sense of the word) all of this sounded pretty good to me.

But the final kick for me was that the name of her constant companion was Orion. I think Mum would be pleased about that.

I hope you enjoy this.  Stay tuned and remember, no matter the question, love is always the answer.



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